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We’re excited to provide the Pitcher Insurance Risk Management Portal to you as a valued client of Pitcher Insurance Agency. This resource portal is your one-stop source for not just insurance but all your risk management, compliance, HR, safety and other business needs.



We’ve partnered with a very reputable company called Zywave to provide this portal. All the content is written by their team of experienced attorneys and professional writers, so you never have to worry about validating information again. Get to know some of the areas of our Risk Management Portal and how its resources can make your day easier. And if you have any questions—at any time—feel free to contact your representative.Zywave docs

Take control of OSHA compliance.

OSHA compliance

Find everything you need to make sure you’re in compliance with OSHA regulations, from educational briefs written in plain language to FAQs.

OSHA log

Are you worried about OSHA showing up at your door? With our online tracking log, you’ll always have your log up to date—it even helps you determine if an incident is recordable! Then when it’s time to report, simply run one report and print it out.

OSHA tracking and analysis

Do you know how your injuries compare year to year or by division, or what injury type is most common? Track your OSHA incidents easily and compare on these important breakdowns to identify trends and implement safety strategies.

Access workplace policies and forms.

Safety Manual

Putting together a safety manual and gathering relevant policies is a daunting task—find everything you need our portal. Just search “policy” to find a wide range of sample policies, or access our comprehensive, customizable Safety Manual.

Common Forms

Also get access to a number of common forms, from return to work to claims to job-specific forms—and much more!

Manage industry-specific exposures and risks.

Industry exposures

Each industry has unique exposures, risks and liabilities. Find materials specific to your industry, including risk management education, coverage explanations and employee safety resources, by typing your industry into

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